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About the Artist

Born in Sichuan province, Guo Wei graduated from the print department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1989.

Solo Exhibitions have been held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Taipei, Macau and Beijing. Selected group exhibitions are: China’s New Art: Post – 1989, Hong Kong Arts Center Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, etc. (1993-97); The First Guangzhou Triennial, China (2002); Contemporary Art from Greater China, Goedhuis Contemporary, New York (2005), Brothers, Cheng Xindong Contemporary Art Space, Beijing, China (2006) and Made in China, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark (2007). His works are collected by many important Museums and collectors worldwide, including The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Shanghai Art Museum.

Guo Wei is one of the most prominent realists in China. He currently lives and works in Chengdu, China.



Guo Wei


Screen print, printed on 490 gram smooth custom paper.
Size: 35" x 40.5" hand deckled.
All prints are in editions of 200, signed by the artist in 2009.
Prices upon request.

Chambre avec Nuage, No. 3


Ami, No. 4


Tireur de Pistolet, No. 4


Sitting down at Starbucks in Chengdu with Guo Wei one day in late summer, I spoke with him of his work, its stylistic comparisons and intellectual foundations.

I had few preconceptions about his work. The only American painters with whom I felt he had an affinity were Alex Katz and Robert Longo. Of course I found his work uniquely Chinese, but offered these thoughts about the nature of that uniqueness which he happily confirmed.

Guo Wei’s imagery, which has now been realized in silkscreen print editions with Exhibit A, relies upon powerful compositions that draw the eye to adolescent protagonists who shout, flirt, threaten and generally act up. His stark monochromatic backgrounds serve to heighten the viewer’s focus on these brats and a visual dialogue ensues where they brashly speak their minds and we try to interpret just exactly what it is they have toe say, not unlike a typical conversation between a parent and a teenager who seem to come at every subject from different worlds. But these adolescents charming, petulant, adorable and frightening-stand for much more than just who they are and the theatrics of their expression. They stand for China itself; A China that is finding itself in a new century young, powerful and full of life, ideas, opinions and energy, finding his way to adulthood. This quality of Guo Wei’s work would, by itself ensure his place in art history. But his nuanced compositions, post-modern flat technique and chromatic mastery ensure that his place within that history is an elevated one. To simply look at the manner in which other painters already deriving their images from his original creations is to appreciate the certainty of this fact.

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