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Exhibit A currently uses three different studios to execute its print projects. Screen prints are generally executed at the White Barn in Ridgefield, Connecticut with Gary Lichtenstein, master printer, whose 35 year career is being honored this year with a survey of his work at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum [watch film].

The renowned Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions at Rutgers University is used to effect special creative techniques to successfully realize the desired images created between the artists and Greg Smith. Creative Director and founder of Exhibit A.

Custom paper and the majority of archival pigment printing is handled through MFA Talon Graphics in Los Angeles.

This collaboration between and among the studios, their respective master printers, Greg Smith and the artists themselves who are directly involved at every critical step of the publishing process, results in what we believe are some of the finest fine art editions being offered today.

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About Exhibit A

Until 2004, Exhibit A existed as a SoHo New York fine art gallery exhibiting paintings, prints and video works by American, Russian and European artists. As early as 1991, Greg Smith had begun to publish, co-publish, fund the production of and invest in the production of fine art editions by major established artists and emerging artists. This list included work by Robert Indiana, Ed Paschke and Donald Sultan through his collaborations with American Image Editions. Even today, this collaboration has just resulted in the creation of a seminal portfolio of screen prints by Robert Cottingham, co-published by Exhibit A and American Image. Over three years in the making, that portfolio features some of the very best imagery by the artist, including his important ART and STAR.

The print medium affords outstanding artists considerable flexibility in their choice of two and three dimensional creative expression and simultaneously allows collectors both the ability to own original yet affordable works by these artists, and the ability to more easily build a collection of original artwork containing a wide variety of artists within or across genres. Exhibit A is therefore pleased to have created twelve major editions by four of the leading Chinese contemporary artists working today. These artists – Feng Zhengjie, Guo Wei, Huang Yan and Yang Qian are artists who, as a group, present a diverse and rich mixture of aesthetic styles and are at once unified by what has become a powerful and brash heritage as primary artists of a generation that will, for the 21st century and beyond, be looked upon as setting the standard for Chinese (and indeed Asian) artistic direction.

Contemporary Chinese fine art has emerged over the past two decades. Insightful western and Asian collectors began to support its development by acquiring and disseminating important examples of this work in exhibitions throughout the world, especially in Europe and the major cultural centers of Asia. At this writing, Chinese contemporary art enjoys a well-established primary and secondary market and is prominently featured in countless important public and private fine art collections worldwide. Exhibit A is honored to work with a group of the leading artists within this movement who are producing unusual, highly creative works in print.

It is a mission of Exhibit A to introduce Chinese contemporary art to a broader audience in America and elsewhere. We believe that the 21st century is a Chinese century and that the artists we publish will remain a powerful and influential force in the evolution of world culture. It is also our mission, and of equal importance, that we offer a fine selection of international contemporary art from our diverse and wholly owned inventory, including other fine print editions published by Exhibit A along with paintings, prints, sculpture and objects from the secondary market.

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